Who Are We

NSF is one of the most trusted names in food safety globally. Our mission is to protect and improve human health. We offer integrated support to the entire food industry, from farm to fork. Our services include inspection, auditing and certification. While being a global organization, we customize our services to suit the local market and from our office in Stellenbosch, we offer services throughout Africa.


We are active in the agricultural as well as the food manufacturing sectors and understand the challenges involved in running your own business. Above all, we share the main goal, which is to make sure that all food products are safe to eat.

Consumers trust our South African retailers to make sure that the products on their shelves are safe to eat. NSF and SPAR work together to allow every micro and small supplier to sell their products at their local SPAR. Suppliers can progress at their own pace through this programme and when they feel ready, can ask NSF to perform an audit to verify that the necessary systems are in place.


All suppliers taking part in the program will be audited by NSF. For food manufacturers there will be a total of 3 NSF Due Diligence audits during a period of 3 years, each taking you to a next level. The NSF Due Diligence micro and small suppliers audits have been developed by NSF, based on a combination of the requirements of the GFSI Global Markets Programme and the South African R638 Regulations. Audits will be carried out remotely, via internet, which means we will not be coming to your facility.

Agricultural suppliers are audited annually, to verify the implementation of good agricultural practices (GAP) which include food safety, traceability, ethical and environmental aspects. These audits are carried out on-site by a local NSF auditor.


NSF auditors are trained and competent, have a friendly approach, and will do everything to clearly explain the audit process and what you can expect.

Our friendly office team is there to assist if your business is growing and you need to explore other food safety audit and certification options, such as the GFSI Global Markets Programme basic and intermediate levels. NSF is the perfect one-stop shop for all your needs in the food industry.