Who Are We

Tenzing is a strategic marketing solutions company, focused on helping the South African food industry achieve its objectives through the delivery of effective communication strategies. We are passionate about the food industry and strive to see the industry advancing forward through safer food systems, launching new products, and changing human behaviour to ensure safer and more sustainable food practices.


Labelling review

We offer food label review and compliance checks to ensure your label meet the standards and regulations required for your specific product.

Packaging design

Our team will assist you with the development of a packaging solution that will help your product stand out on the shelves and bring your brand to life. We will also guide you on the best packaging solutions to meet your budget, while remaining environmentally conscious.


Marketing & branding

We will guide you through a branding process to develop your brand in a way that clearly captures and portrays your unique offerings.

Market research & product testing

Who are you competing with? What makes them unique? Will consumers shift to your product? How do consumers like your product? What options do you have for innovations?